Doug Sackman
Professor and Chair, History
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Visiting Instructor, Hispanic Studies
Maria Sampen
Professor, Music
Leslie Saucedo
Professor, Biology
Faculty default
Professor, Chemistry
Nagore Sedano Naveira
Assistant Professor, Hispanic Studies
Dan Sherman
Professor, Environmental Policy and Decision Making
Abbie Shew
Visiting Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
Aimee Sidhu
Clinical Associate Professor and Fieldwork Capstone Coordinator, Occupational Therapy
Associate Professor Renee Simms
Associate Professor, African American Studies
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Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
Jess K Smith
Associate Professor and Chair, Theatre Arts
Katherine Smith
Professor, History
Oscar Sosa
Associate Professor, Biology
Rokiatou Soumare
Associate Professor, French Studies
Amy Spivey
Professor, Physics
Michael Spivey
Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
Jason Steere
Clinical Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
Karin Steere
Clinical Associate Professor, Physical Therapy
Prof. Jonathan Stockdale
Professor, Religion, Spirituality, and Society and Director, Asian Studies
Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology
David Sultemeier
Visiting Assistant Professor, Biology
Professor, Occupational Therapy