Karin Steere

Karin Steere

Clinical Associate Professor, Physical Therapy

Dr. Karin Steere teaches courses in cardiopulmonary physical therapy, foundations of PT measurement, pharmacology, systemic pathology, and PT for the performing artist. She is a certified manual therapist and certified clinical instructor. Prior to graduating from Puget Sound's D.P.T. program, she performed professionally in a variety of genres, including ballet, contemporary, Broadway, and circus arts. She currently treats performing artists from across the country, including numerous performing groups in the greater Seattle area. Her research interests include autonomic nervous system dysregulation, neuroimmunology, pain neuroscience, and injury prevention of professional and amateur performing artists.

BA University At Buffalo (Suny) 1999
DPT University of Puget Sound 2009
PhD Nova Southeastern University 2022
Cardiopulmonary PT PT 633-A Fall 2023
Adult Systemic Pathology PT 648-A Fall 2023
Neuroscience and Neuroanatomy PT 610-A Spring 2024
Pharmacology Implications PT 644-A Spring 2024

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