Jason Steere

Jason Steere

Clinical Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

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Clinical Assistant Professor Jason Steere brings decades of clinical experience to his instruction in physical therapy. He teaches across the curriculum, with the emphasis focusing on the orthopedic courses. His experiences practicing in Major League Baseball and a Special Operations Force in the U.S. Army has allowed him to continue advancing his knowledge and skills as a physical therapist. Prof. Steere's PhD and research interests extend beyond the internal aspects of the body to explore the mutual relationship between the person and their environment as it pertains to perception, cognition, and action. He is turning his career towards academia as a means to be a force multiplier in the profession. He hopes to inspire the next generation of physical therapists to energetically pursue the transforming of society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.

BA University of South Dakota Vermillion 1997
MA University of South Dakota Vermillion 2000
tDPT University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences 2008
Biophysical Agents PT 640-A Spring 2024
Orthopedics IV PT 646-A Spring 2024
Orthopedics II PT 639-A Fall 2024
Psychological Factors in PT PT 661-A Fall 2024
Advanced Topics in PT PT 677-J Fall 2024

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