Daniel Sherman

Dan Sherman

Professor, Environmental Policy and Decision Making

Dan Sherman, director of the Sound Policy Institute, has research interests in the areas of sustainability, environmental science, and U.S. environmental law and policy. He co-authored an undergraduate textbook on environmental science and sustainability with W.W. Norton press. He is author of the book Not Here, Not There, Not Anywhere: Local Opposition and the Politics of Low-level Radioactive Waste Disposal (RFF Press, 2011), and many articles on hazardous waste cleanup, citizen activism, and sustainability in higher education. Sherman teaches courses that focus on the environment and its relation to politics and society.

BA Canisius College 1995
BA Victoria University Wellington 1996
MA Colorado State University 1999
MA Cornell University 2002
PhD Cornell University 2004
Intro to the Environment ENVR 200-A Fall 2023
U.S. Enviro Law Fundamentals ENVR 210-A Fall 2023
Energy Resources ENVR 315-A Spring 2024
Energy Resources GEOL 315-A Spring 2024

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