General Application Procedures: September-November, Senior Year

Testing Resources

Most graduate schools require entrance examinations. The exams vary depending on the graduate degree. Refer to schools directly or use the following online resources for more information on test and score requirements. Career and Employment Services maintains current information and registration bulletins that also list test dates and locations. General test and prep course information can be found through the following links.

Application Essays, Personal Statements and Resumes

Application essays can make or break your chances of gaining entrance into graduate school. This is your opportunity to explain how you will contribute to the graduate program, and to the profession that it's preparing you to enter. When writing your essays, seek assistance from your advisor, instructors, the Center for Writing, Learning and Teaching (Howarth 109), and the Office of Academic Advising (Howarth 114). Career and Employment Services (Howarth 101) can also assist you craft a resume, which some graduate programs require.


Cultivating References

Initiate and cultivate relationships with instructors early on during your undergraduate career, and keep in touch with former supervisors and employers by sending them regular updates on your growth and achievements. Further, give your professional and personal references plenty of time to write your recommendation letters. Anticipate busy periods in their schedules, and adjust your deadlines according to their needs. Usually, requesting recommendations to be written four to eight weeks before they are due is ample preparation time. Last, provide your references with a copy of your resume and a brief autobiographical sketch.