ASUPS Van Rental Program

Currently, ASUPS has one van available for rent, the Kia Sedona.

Once you have completed your reservation and payment (if applicable), you will be given a Security Key Card to allow you to pick up keys from Security. The ASUPS van is parked in Parking Lot #1, and must be returned to its parking spot by the contracted day/time, or will incur additional days' fees.

How can I check out an ASUPS Van?

First, contact the ASUPS Office by email, call 253.879.3600, or drop by in person to see if a van is available for your requested dates. Once a reservation has been made, fill out and submit this application, then pick up the Security Key Card from the ASUPS Office that will allow you to pick up the van keys from the Security Department. Van keys are only available during your reservation times; do not attempt to pick up keys earlier than your reservation. In addition, as other students may also have reservations, please return your keys on time.

Payment for Rental and Types of Use

ASUPS accepts cash, check, or credit/debit, and can process departmental recharges.

Student Van Use: Student use includes any individual fee-paying student or group of students from the University of Puget Sound for recreational or academic purposes, living groups such as residence halls, Greek chapters, or on-campus houses.

Unlimited mileage, $40.00 per full day, $20.00 per half day (8:00-12:00 or 1:00-5:00 only)

University Van Use: University use includes any University department or for academic course work such as a field trip facilitated by a professor. 

Unlimited mileage, $60.00 per full day, $30.00 per half day (8:00-12:00 or 1:00-5:00 only)

Club Van Use: Club use is limited to official ASUPS clubs and must have the signature approval of both the club President & Treasurer.

(Reserving vans ahead of the event is highly encouraged.)