For over 100 years, media groups on campus have provided an outlet for students to get involved and express themselves to create a culture unique to the university and to the greater Puget Sound community. The multiple media outlets on campus are significant in allowing students to address topics of controversy, relevance, and importance to the student body. All forms of production – photographs, newspaper, music, literary pieces, and scientific discovery – have helped preserve the time and events of each year; capturing photos of the new construction on campus, writing a news story of a significant world event, playing a new chart-topping song, and more, provide the opportunity for students to document their lives and the changes throughout campus, while also gaining unique hands-on production skills. All forms of media have helped to create an open environment for inspiration, reflection, and growth. The traditions of Puget Sound are carried on and documented by the media groups on campus. Engage yourself in the creative outlets through any and all forms of campus media.

For media related questions, comments and concerns, please contact the Director of Medias and Technology services at

1. KUPS 90.1 FM, radio station
2. The Trail, newspaper
3. Photo Services, campus photography
4. Crosscurrents, literary and artistic magazine
5. Elements, scientific magazine
6. Wetlands, gender, sexuality, and identity magazine