A. Purpose

To recognize the work of ASUPS Senator Gamel ‘21 and the Multi-Identity Based Union by serving as a shared-governance group, under the authority of the ASUPS Executive Branch, to facilitate the advancement of an inclusive, accessible, and welcoming physical space(s) for historically and systemically marginalized students at the university.

B. Powers and Responsibilities

  1. Seek to find a solution to institutional shortcomings with a sense of intentionality and urgency with respect to demands from identity-based groups.
  2. Consult the Student Support Center Proposal (Feb 2020) and the Multi-Identity Based Union Demand Three: Repurpose the Welcome Center as supporting documentation to identify the need and function of the space(s).
  3. Additional powers and responsibilities as delegated by the ASUPS Executive Branch.
  4. The chair must develop a semester-end report outlining the progress and publish the minutes of the group, released during the final three weeks of each respective semester. The ASUPS President may request a report at any time throughout the academic semester. All reports must be delivered to the ASUPS President, ASUPS Vice President, President of the University of Puget Sound, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, and Associate Vice President for Facilities.

C. Membership

  1. ASUPS Head of Staff, chair.
  2. ASUPS Vice President.
  3. ASUPS Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Justice.
  4. ASUPS Senate Identity-based Club Liaison.
  5. One student senator, selected by the ASUPS Senate.
  6. One faculty member, selected by the Faculty Senate.
  7. One staff member, selected by the Staff Senate.
  8. Three Students-at-Large, Appointed by the Vice President in consultation with the Head of Staff
  9. ASUPS Vice President-elect, non-voting.
  10. Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, or designee.
  11. Associate Vice President for Facilities, or designee.
  12. Vice President for Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, or designee

D. Meetings

As called by the chair.

E. Reports

To be considered official, semester-end reports from the Student Support Space Advisory Body must be adopted by a majority vote of the body.

To promote the accountability and transparency of the board, campus community members can access the semester-end reports below (university login required).

April 2022 Report