The Trail is the University of Puget Sound's independent student newspaper, committed to serving the campus and beyond since 1910. Written, designed, and edited by students, The Trail is committed to using student voices to cover issues our communities care about. The Trail publishes around 10 issues every academic year, which can be found around campus. 

As a publication, The Trail serves two primary functions: to act as a medium for student opinion and to act as an archival record for the university. Since the inception of the Trail in 1910, a copy of every Trail issue has been preserved in the Collins Memorial Library archives. The Trail provides a full picture of campus happenings. Each issue is informative, opinionated, and entertaining. In addition to in-depth stories, sports team updates, and campus news, each issue is eagerly awaited. 

The Trail is available online and in print. Visit their website at to read The Trail online.