Study Abroad Events & Meetings

2020 Indonesia Field School Interest Meeting

October 4, 2019, 3pm

Murray Boardroom, Wheelock Student Center

The 2020 Southeast Asia field school course is SOAN 312, Indonesia and Southeast Asia in Cultural Context, taught by Professors Gareth Barkin and Sunil Kukreja. The course involves a semester of on-campus study during spring, 2020, and three weeks in Indonesia after the semester ends. It focuses on the anthropology and sociology of Southeast Asia with an emphasis on Indonesian cultural and environmental topics. The course will explore how topics including religion, ethnic relations, gender and sexuality, media, and economic power intersect with tourism in Bali. Students will attend class throughout the spring semester at Puget Sound, and then travel to Udayana University in southern Bali, Indonesia, for a three-week period of intensive, experiential learning, collaboration with Indonesian participants, and independent, visual anthropological research. 

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