Graduate School planning

The most important question as you begin considering graduate school options is, "Why do I want to go to graduate school?" We recommend posing this question to a trusted faculty advisor. Many such advisors will answer in the way that Phil Agre at the University of California, San Diego, did. You can read his answer online.

If you decide that you do want to pursue the graduate school option, you will find that applying is an exacting and detail-oriented process that requires the completion of numerous tasks often by specific dates. To assist you with the timely completion of these tasks, Academic Advising has created the Graduate School Timeline. The Timeline organizes the application process into four phases, each with corresponding tasks and dates.

Ideally, prospective graduate students should plan to spend a year and a half on the application process. An eighteen month period is represented on the Timeline beginning with March and ending with August of the next year--the month when many graduate programs begin their class schedules.

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