Transcript Request


Please note staff are working remotely and this may affect processing time for your order.


Current students will sign into the student portal to order official transcripts. From the Academics menu, select Order Official Transcript.  An unofficial transcript can be viewed through the Academics menu by selecting the View Unofficial Transcript link. 

Alumni and former students may place an on-line order through TranscriptsPlus®. To begin your order select the link:   TranscriptsPlus TranscriptsPlus®   
To order an unofficial transcript, alumni and former students may use our transcript request form.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the cost of a transcript?
A:  There is a $6 per transcript fee for official transcripts.  Unofficial transcripts are offered at no charge.

Q: Do I need to know my student ID number?
A:  A student ID number is not required. Be sure to enter the remaining information correctly.  Include all previous  names. At the end of your order review your information.  Your order may be delayed if the information in our records does not match what you entered.  

Q:  How long will it take to complete a transcript order? 
A:  An order submitted by a current student should be processed within minutes , except during end-of-term grading periods when transcripts may be held for several days.   For alumni and former students, most orders are processed within two business days. However please allow up to five days. Depending upon dates of attendance, extra time may be required in order to retrieve any archived records. During the shelter in place order for the state of Washington you may experience a delay in processing time.  All financial and administrative obligations to Puget Sound must be met before a transcript can be released.  Alumni and former students, for official transcripts you must returned your signed authorization form to Credentials Inc. to complete the process.

Q:  Can I pick-up my transcript in the Registrar’s Office?  This option is currently unavailable until further notice.

Q:  Can my transcript be sent electronically?
A:  Yes. For the official transcript, through the online process, you can select this option at the end of your order.  Depending on your dates of attendance part or all of a record may be off-line and this option will not be available.  Unofficial transcripts can be sent electronically for anyone.

Q:  Can mailing a transcript be expedited?
A:  The online ordering offers an option to have your transcript sent via Federal Express.

Q:  How are law school transcripts ordered?
A:  Law school transcripts are maintained by Seattle University. The following link to their Registrar’s Office will provide the necessary information:


Current students or students who have access to their University assigned e-mail account do not need to send a signed request form as long as the request is sent using your University assigned e-mail account. If you do not have access to a University assigned e-mail, please send a signed request as an attachment to your e-mail. Electronic or digital signatures will not be accepted. The subject line should be "transcript request".