Leave of Absence

A student may choose to take a leave of absence for a variety of reasons.  The benefit of a leave of absence is that you remain affiliated with the university while not actively enrolled in classes.  There are no charges for a leave of absence and a leave can be from one semester to two calendar years.

Students should consider several items when considering a leave of absence, especially for the Fall 2020 semester.

  • What will you do with your time?
  • If remote learning is a challenge, would half-time status (taking two units) help you make progress with your academic goals and allow you to be successful? In Fall 2020, merit and need-based aid will be available for half-time students. Consult Student Financial Services (sfs@pugetsound.edu) about your situation.
  • Are you a student who needs to live or study on campus because of your personal or family situation at home, or for access to specialized academic resources on campus? Please complete the survey on your my.pugetsound.edu to-do list by the end of the day August 3.
  • Some courses are offered only once an academic year, and taking a semester off may alter specific series of courses.

There could also be some policy implications to consider:

Financial Aid

  • If you have borrowed federal loans in the past, your loans may go into repayment during your time away from classes. Consult Student Financial Services (sfs@pugetsound.edu) about your situation.
  • There may be scholarship implications if you have an endowed departmental scholarship or scholarship based on performance (music, etc.). Please consult the specific department.

Transfer of coursework

  • If you would like to take courses elsewhere and transfer them back to Puget Sound, you must get those courses pre-approved for credit. Please visit our transfer credit page for complete information.
  • International study during a leave of absence will not transfer unless your permanent address is outside the United States. International students who want to take classes in their home country should consult our transfer credit page for complete information.

International Students and Programs

  • International students may have visa implications. Consult with the International Programs office (egreeno@pugetsound.edu) before deciding on a leave.
  • Study Abroad policy requires that students must be enrolled in classes at Puget Sound the semester before the semester in which they will study abroad. Contact International Programs (ceyssautier@pugetsound.edu) to discuss spring 2021 study abroad plans before deciding on a fall 2020 leave.

Students should consider these items above and discuss their plans with their advisor or an advisor in the Office of Academic Advising and Fellowships. If a student makes a decision to take a leave, they should email a completed Leave Of Absence form to academicadvising@pugetsound.edu to initiate the leave of absence process.

The complete Leave of Absence Policy is available on page 47 of the university bulletin.