TLW Info for Hosts

**Due to COVID concerns, Take a Logger to Work (TLW) will look different for 2021. We'll provide information about changes as soon as possible**

Meanwhile, please take a look at how the program functioned in years past. The goal is still the same...

To inspire young professionals, share specialized knowledge and experience about your field, and showcase your organization!


Take a Logger to Work occurs the week before students return for the spring semester. Hosts typically choose one day within that time period to welcome 1 to 5 students for a half-day shadowing visit. 

Hosting Students (in a nutshell)

Think back to your time as a student. Would you have benefited from a shadow experience with a Logger alum or parent? We understand the impact alumni and parents can have on current students and this understanding is the motivating force behind this program. Take a Logger to Work provides alumni and parents with an opportunity to support the career development of young Loggers in a meaningful way. 

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 An ideal shadow day for students may include:

  • Touring your work site
  • Observing interactions with customers, clients, and/or colleagues
  • Networking over lunch
  • Being introduced to your colleagues (especially Logger alumni!) and their roles
  • Completing a case study*/mini project if appropriate
  • Meeting at the end of the day to reflect on the experience

*If your daily workload involves client confidentiality, consider conducting a case study with students.


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Zach Kotel '12 | 2016 Host

"This opportunity really allows students to better understand the actual minutia of day to day life in the workplace, which can often be glamorized or dramatized in college. I feel that this is also a great opportunity for students to see how their liberal arts education can translate into a career that may or may not be directly related to their majors or areas of study." 

Taylor Cassell '13 | 2016 & 2017 Host

"The students were great and made me feel happy to have gone to UPS. This was a great chance to give back to the department that helped me land where I am today."