Why attend ASK Night?

Why attend ASK Night?

"ASK Night facilitates professional networking in a relaxed environment that makes it accessible. I was a bit nervous initially, but everyone was really encouraging, supportive, and easy to talk to. It's a great opportunity that is essentially handed to you on a silver platter once a year."

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34th Annual ASK Night: Spring 2020

Mark your calendar for Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020!

Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Night brings students and alumni together for a relaxed evening of conversation. Make connections, seek advice, and exchange stories about classes, internships, study abroad, career fields, volunteer activities, graduate school, and other pursuits beyond Puget Sound.

Relax. Grab a snack. Swap stories!

See which alumni registered to attend ASK Night 2020!

Don't miss this opportunity to:
—Find out what alumni wish they'd known or done during college.
—Learn about the varied career paths that alumni pursue.
—Practice your networking skills with a friendly group of Loggers!

ASK Night student/alumni reception | Thomas Hall | 7—8:30* p.m.: Students, drop by any time! Relax. Grab a snack. Swap stories with alums! Alumni will be grouped by industry in the Tahoma Room and in several small rooms on the main floor of Thomas Hall to allow for easier conversations in smaller, less noisy spaces. ~CES team members will be on hand to facilitate student-alumni connections.

*ASK Night officially ends at 8:30, but feel free to stick around and continue your conversations. Not all alumni are able to stay, and some have long commutes back home, but you may find a few alumni lingering.

All classes and majors are encouraged to attend ASK Night annually.

Remember to bring your Logger ID card to swipe in and get a name tag.

See which alumni registered to attend ASK Night 2020!

Alumni: Please register to attend ASK Night and plan to arrive early for snacks and to visit with fellow alumni. Visit the alumni ASK Night page for more information.