Student Advisor Title
Daniel Balderrama '20 Andreas Madlung Exploring the role of PhyF in early Hypocotyl and Root Development
Maggie Berrens '20 Steven Neshyba Exploration of models of faceted ice growth
Emily Bessen '20 Stacey Weiss and Mark Martin The search for antimicrobials in the female Sceloporus virgatus cloaca
Joe Brennan '20 Amanda Mifflin Investigation into the properties of the hematite/water interface using Second Hormone Generation
Will Brooks '20 Peter Wimberger Song Recognition and Gene Flow in a New Secondary Contact Zone of White-crowned Sparrows
Kelsy Bryson '22 Rachel Pepper Determining the effect of seed density on the seed dispersal pattern of splash cup plants
Lia Chin-Purcell '20 America Chambers Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Transgender Gender Recognition
Lauren Clarke Alyce DeMarais Effects of BPAF on Apoptosis in Guppies
Louisa Cryan '20 Jeffrey Tepper An investigation into the Origin of the Cascade Arc: Petrology & Geochronology of the Tukwila Formation
Jesus Deloya Garcia '22 Rachel Pepper Measuring the change in Feeding Flow of Voricella at Different Body Orientation
Noah Dillon '20 Alyce DeMarais Matrotrophic investment in Poecilia reticulata under temperature stress
Grace Elliott '21 Stacey Weiss Investigating Antimicrobial Properties of Sceloporus virgatus Eggs Using Scanning Electron Microscopy
Joe Ewers '21 Megan Gessel Extraction and purification of Aquaporin-O from bovine cow eye lenses
Jess Fairbanks '18 Alyce DeMarais

Effects of Exposure to Bisphenol S on Ovarian Tissue in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) - A Transgenerational Study

Amanda Foster '20 Kena Fox Dobbs Are Problem Beavers the Solution? The influence of beaver dam-building on sediment processes in a post-wildfire ecosystem (Methow Valley, WA)
Sam Furmanski '20 Mike Valentine and Ken Clark Paleomagnetic Exploration of the Crescent Formation, Washington: The Search for a Hidden Fault near Dusk Point
Emily Grahn '20 Mark Martin Expanding the Host Range of Predatory Bacteria: Ensifer adhaerens
Katie Grainger '20 Stacia Rink Development of a Non-Isotopic Protocol for the Quantification of Both Single- and Double-Stranded Plasmid DNA Using an Electrophoretic-Based Assay
Kyle Grate '19 Bryan Thines Manipulation of Stress Response in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana using 14-3-3 proteins and F-box stress induced proteins
Katie Gray '20 Dan Burgard Wastewater Analysis of Opioids by Sewage-Based Epidemiology
Sean Grealish '21 Carrie Woods Dendrochronological use of Tsuga heterophylla Cores to Provide a Timeline for Nurse Log Succession Processes in the Hoh Rainforest
SaraJane Griffiths '21 Brad Richards Finding Predictors of Success in Novice Programmers' Editing and Testing Behaviors
Kaela Hamilton '20 Carrie Woods The influence of structural and spatial variation on epiphytic species distribution and diversity in Bigleaf Mapes (Acer macrophyllum)
Katie Hetterly '21 Mark Martin The effect of constant light production on Photobacterium leiognathi fitness
Helena Heyer-Gray '21 Stacey Weiss Characterizing the microbiome of Sceloporus virgatus (striped plateau lizard) eggs and determining its protective effects against Fusarium using direct fungal challenges
Matthew Imanaka '20 John Hanson A Chemoenzymatic Approach to Synthesizing Bacterial Cell Wall Fragments: Creating Convenient Chromophoric Lysozome Substrates
Woo Jung '20 Adam Smith Hidden Markov Layer in Convolutional Neural Network for Identification of Mouse Ultrasonic Vocalizations
Kavanaugh Kaji '20 Melvin Rouse Effect of antibiotics on the social and mating behavior of zebra finches (Taenopygia guttata): The importance of the intestinal microbiome for brain development
Lukas Karoly '21 Rachel Pepper How does ambient flow affect typical Vorticella orientation?
Cambria Kasten '21 Jung Kim The role of the IGF-1/Akt/mTOR pathway on tibialis anterior muscle hypertrophy during regeneration in cardiotocin-induced injury in adult mice
Bethany Llewellyn '21 Peter Hodum Aquatic Microplastics as a Vector for Transfer of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers to Zebrafish Tissue
Sarah McClain '20 David Chiu Efficient Query Execution over Large Databases through Semantic Caching of Bitmap Indices
Helen McDonald '22 Peter Wimberger Assessing Historical Introgression in West Coast Northern Flickers (Colaptes auratus) Using Museum Specimens
Amanda Melin '20 Dan Burgard Method Development for Analyzing Population Biomarkers for Applications of Wastewater-Based Epidemology
Robyn Organ '20 Jeffrey Tepper Investigating Early Cascade Magmatism through Dating and Chemical Analysis of the Hatchet Mountain and Pe Ell Formations, Southwest Washington
Keshreeyaji Oswal '20 Peter Wimberger Avian plumage as a bioindicator of metal pollution among birds with different life histories
Lilli Patton '20 Peter Hodum Assessing Diet Composition of Tufted Puffins (Fratercula cirrhata) in Washington as a Potential Driver of Population Decline
Olivia Perotti '20 Stacey Weiss and Mark Martin Potential Antifungal Capabilities of S. virgatus Cloacal Microbiome
Clara Phipps '20 Jeffrey Tepper Petrology and Geochronology of the Goble Volcanics, Southwest Washington: Basaltic Oceanic Magmatism or an Early Phase of the Cascade Arc?
Theresa Proctor '20 Joel Elliott Molecular and microscopic analyses of undescribed oomycete pathogens of eelgrass (Zostera marina) in the Puget Sound
Hayley Rettig '21 Peter Wimberger The impact of Beaver Dams on Bird Diversity in Landscapes Affected by Wildfires
Sarah Sanz '20 Stacey Weiss Determining the Influence of Female Sceloporus virgatus Cloacal Microbiomes on Conspecific Male Mate Choice
Susanna Schuler '20 Bryan Thines Understanding the Role of a Previously Unrecognized Nuclear Protein: F-BOX INTERACTING PROTEIN in Arabidopsis thaliana
Maya Sealander '20 Andreas Madlung Are phytochromes B1 and B2 additive in their role in the LAZY (LZ-2) gene response in Tomato?
Sahiti Shankar '21 John Hanson Synthesis of peptidoglycan derivatives as lysozome substrates
Madelyn Shapiro '20 Jacob Price Applying the Complete Memory Approximation to the Incompressible Euler Equations in Two Dimensions
Walker Shibley-Styer '20 Megan Gessel Synthesis and Oxidation of Large Unilamellar Vesicles for the Purpose of Characterizing the Products of Lipid Peroxidation
Erin Stewart '20 Peter Wimberger The role of Beaver Dams in Mitigating Wildfire Impacts on Stream Ecosystems
Jillian Stoewer '20 Mike Pohl Does Hip Flexibility Influence Running Gait?
Priyanki Vora '20 Andreas Madlung Determining the Interactions of Solanum lycopersicum (Tomato) Triple and Quadruple Phytochrome Mutants & the LAZY (e2) Gene
Marley Weiss '22 Stacey Weiss Microbial Influences on Mate Selection in the Striped Plateau Lizard (Sceloporus virgatus)
Matthew Wells '20 Rachel Pepper Validating the angular dependence of 3D flow fields around the microscopic sessile suspension feeder Vorticella convallaria


Student Advisor Title
Manya Mutschler-Aldine '21 Robin Jacobson A Patchwork of Detention: Understanding Uneven Distributions of ICE Contracts with Local Jails
Mariana Sanchez-Castillo '20 Monica DeHart Cultural and Biological Sustainability of Folk Art Production in Oaxaca, Mexico
Erin Budrow '20 Andrew Gomez My American Dream: Marvel Comics and the Captain America Series as Representatives of United States Social History from 1964-2016
Grace Eberhardt '20 Kristin Johnson and Hajung Lee The Slater Museum: The History and Ethics of a Name
Alaina Geibig '20 Carolyn Weisz Sustainable Research: Investigating Factors of Pro-Environment Behavior
Francesca LoFaro '21 David Andresen Timing is Everything: Temporal Dynamics of Brain Activity Using the Human Connectome Projects
Siena Brown '20 Laura Krughoff Reading a Familiar Face: The Rise of LGBTQ and POC Representation in Young Adult Fiction
Morgan MacFarlane '21 Karl Fields Investigating Tattoo Culture's Relation to Democracy in Japan, South Korea, and China
Olive Mullen '20 Andrew Gomez Preserving LGBTQ Tacoma: An Oral History Collection
Max Tapogna '20 Geoff Proehl Art Versus Theory
Lenora Yee '21 Regina Duthely Women of Color in Print Subcultures: 1970-2018
Cheyenne Clarke '20 Nick Kontogeorgopoulos Assessing the Value Trend of Wellness Tourism in Thailand and Costa Rica
James Conley '20 William Beardsley The Conception of Human Love in Kierkegaard's Three Life Spheres
Kate Gladhart Hayes '20 Kristin Johnson The Half-Life of Environmental Racism
Kylie Gurewitz '20 Greta Austin Mindful of a Profit: Meditation Apps in the Global Context
Ellis LeBlanc '20 Kriszta Kotsis Women, the Emperor, and the Virgin Mary: A Feminist Reception Analysis of 9th and 10th Century Byzantine Representation
Fran Leskovar '21 Benjamin Tromly The Setauket Gang: The American Revolutionary War Spy Ring You've Never Heard About
Emma Lundquist '20 Andrew Gardner Suburban Rot: Visualizing the Abandonment of Commercialized Spaces
Alena McIntosh '20 Andrew Gardner Exploring the Urban Infrastructure of Transnational Labor Migration in Nepal
Genevieve Caskey '20 Katherine Smith History of the Humanities
Nina Kranzdorf '20 Tanya Erzen A More Expansive Definitio of We: Queer Visions of Safety and Solidarity from Palestine to Tacoma
Haley Hougardy '20 Tim Beyer The Impact of Language Background on Children's Attitudes Toward Others
Elena Staver '20 Adrian Villacana Examining the role of identity saliency and engagement on intergroup attitudes
Paul Un '21 Seth Weinberger Assessing Attitudes and Orientations Toward China: Power or Ideology Based Aims?
Kyra Zapf '21 Katherine Smith Succession Anxiety Through Clothing in the Court of Henry VIII
Anna Barcus '20 Alisa Kessel The City of Tacoma's Affordable Housing Action Strategy: An Investigation into the Policy Making
Chloe Brew '21 Jane Carlin The Arts and Crafts Movement in the 21st Century
Abby Foy '19 Nick Kontogeorgopoulos The English Language in The Gambia: The Intersection Between Identity and Economic Opportunities