The Writing Center is the branch of the CWL dedicated to helping students improve their academic writing. We’re ready to offer a thoughtful response to papers or drafts written for any discipline at any stage of the composing process. Although we don’t proofread, we can help students improve their proofreading skills.

What happens during a writing conference?

The typical writing conference is a 50 minute, one-to-one session in which the student and a peer or faculty writing advisor engage in focused conversation about the student's writing. Sometimes we brainstorm; sometimes we work on organization; sometimes we work primarily on sentence-level revisions. In all cases, the session will offer advice that's designed to be helpful to both the paper and to the student as a writer.

Students may make an appointment by stopping by the Center for Writing and Learning (Howarth 109), submitting a form request, or calling 253.879.3404.