Academic and Student Affairs (ASAC)

a. Focus on the quality of the instructional staff and student body and on the overall direction and quality of the curriculum and the co-curriculum by:

(1) Monitoring the university’s performance in meeting its goals of attracting, supporting and retaining a faculty, staff and student body of the highest quality and providing an educational program of the highest quality; and

(2) Monitoring the university’s performance in meetings its goals of attracting, supporting, and retaining an increasingly diverse and talented student body, faculty and staff.

(3) Developing policies designed to enable the university better to reach these goals.

b. Review and make recommendations concerning proposed changes in the curricular or co-curricular program, which require Board approval.

c. Review and make recommendations concerning proposed amendments to the Faculty Bylaws, Faculty Code, ASUPS Constitution, ASUPS Bylaws, Student Integrity Code and related governance documents or policies requiring Board approval.

d. Act in accordance with the Faculty Code on recommendations concerning faculty promotions and grants of faculty tenure.

Development and Alumni Relations Committee (DARC)

a. Oversee all university fundraising activity including fundraising for identified endowment, facilities, and operating objectives. The Campaign Steering Committee reports through the Development and Alumni Relations Committee.

Review and edit policies and plans to obtain gifts in support of the university’s mission, including:

(1) Fundraising priorities and goals;

(2) Annual fund solicitation and participation strategies;

(3) Initiatives to raise endowment and facilities gifts; and

(4) Comprehensive and special-purpose campaigns.

b. Oversee all activity associated with the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, the Alumni Council, and the Parents Council. Work with alumni and parent volunteer boards toward the attainment of identified university objectives involving constituent engagement, including outreach to Puget Sound's minoritized alumni, parents, and friends in an effort to involve them in the life of the university. Members of the committee may serve on task forces and ad hoc committees designed to create, alter, or monitor alumni and parent relations activities. 

c. Oversee communications strategies and activities related to development and alumni and parent relations, including Arches magazine, president’s annual report, media coverage, and other communication vehicles that advance and support relationships with alumni, parents, and donors.

Finance and Facilities Committee (F&F)

a. Recommend appropriate long-term financial indicators and review their effectiveness with the goal of enabling the university to plan for and acquire adequate resources to support the educational program and to achieve the next level of excellence.

b. Consider and make recommendations concerning a campus master plan, which projects the long-term physical boundaries of the campus and major construction projects.

c. Review, monitor and make recommendations concerning the annual operating budget proposed by the President as well as major financial transactions not provided for in the operating budget.

d. Review and recommend to the Board of Trustees modifications to debt and debt-related policies.

e. Review and recommend to the Board of Trustees modifications to the Designation of Unrestricted Funds Policy.

f. Review and act upon the endowment investment and spending policy as recommended by the Investment Subcommittee as well as proposed financial policies with respect to assets not included in the endowment.

g. Review and act upon the gift acceptance policy as recommended by the Investment Subcommittee and the Development and Alumni Relations Committee, including reporting to the Board of Trustees if the committee does not accept a change recommended by either.

h. Review and make recommendations concerning major facilities projects and the planned major maintenance schedule upon advisement by the Facilities Subcommittee to ensure that campus facilities meet the needs of the educational program and are adequately financed and maintained.