There are a wide range of resources on this topic.  We have assembled some helpful resources that provide insights into how other institutions have addressed similar concerns as well as well as some useful campus links.  We will periodically update these links.

Naming at Puget Sound

National Context

  • University of Cincinnati
    This site provides a detailed review of the process the university undertook to review and make recommendations associated with a controversial name recognition.

  • Yale University
    A thorough and comprehensive review of the work of the Yale Committee to Establish Principles of Renaming that includes a bibliography of sources.

  • Oregon State University
    Oregon’s Building and Name Site provides information on recent decisions as well as the evaluation process.

  • Eastern Oregon University
    Provides details on the process of renaming the campus library.

  • List of Additional Readings
    This site from  Yale University provides links to comprehensive series of articles on renaming.