Staff Policies and Procedures have been developed for the staff employed by the University of Puget Sound. Human Resources maintain the staff policies relating to employment, wage and salary, benefits and services, and conduct standards. These policies apply only to staff members and not to faculty, vice presidents, or students. Campuswide Policies apply to all members of the campus community. In each case, the office responsible for the policy and the title of the appropriate contact person is provided.

Staff policies have been developed in collaboration with many people within the university community. Suggestions for changes are welcome and should be directed to Human Resources.

These staff policies and procedures are necessarily general in scope and nature. Operating departments may develop department-specific staff policies and procedures, submit them to Human Resources for approval.

Staff members who have questions about applying a particular policy or procedure should direct those questions to their supervisors or Human Resources.

Staff policies and any department-specific policies are not intended to create, and should not be construed as creating, any contractual obligations. The university reserves the right to change staff policies at any time. As university policies, programs, practices, or procedures change, the information available on this website will be updated. The university reserves the right, whether in an individual case or, more generally, to alter, reduce, or eliminate any policy, program, practice, benefit, or procedure, in whole or in part, without notice.

Staff members have the right to terminate their employment at any time with or without cause. The University of Puget Sound retains the same right to terminate a staff member's employment at any time with or without cause or prior notice, regardless of any other documents or oral or written statements issued by the University of Puget Sound or its representatives.