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Additional Fees

There are additional fees associated with several activities and academic courses offered at Puget Sound.

Fees for 2017-18

Applied Music Fees

The Applied Music fee is $175 per quarter-unit and is non-refundable after the beginning of the term. These classes count as academic units, not activity units, towards graduation requirements.

Activity and Course Fees

The following course and activity fees are non-refundable after the last day to drop without record.

Backpacking $80
Bowling $90
First Aid/CPR $19
Golf $70
Horseback Riding (Beginning/Intermediate) $500
Lifeguard Training $15
Martial Arts $50
Nutrition/Energy Balance $40
Physiology of Exercise $50
Rock Climbing $95
Sailing $250
Scuba Diving $82
PG 399 Latin American Studies $1500
ACAD 201 Major Exploration & Decision $10
JAPN 230 Kanji in Context $10
EXSC 301/401 Nutrition & Energy Balance $40
EXSC 329 Exercise Physiology $50
CONN 370 Rome Sketchbooks & Space Studies $2135
LAS 399 Latin America Travel Seminar $2841

Class Audit Fees

Full-time students, alumni, and members of the University of Puget Sound Women's League may audit without charge one class per term, with a maximum of two classes an academic year. Other students will be charged one-half the per unit rate. All auditors will be charged any applicable class instruction fees. Reduced tuition rates are not available to students who change a graded class to an audit class.

Other Fees

Application for Admission - undergraduate students $60
Application for Admission - School of Education students $60
OT/PT Supplementary Application Fee $50
Application for degree candidacy $25
Late Confirmation fee (payment confirming registration each semester) $200
Monthly Late fee $25
Payment Plan participation fee (per semester) $80
Returned check fee* $25

* Two returned checks will cause check-writing privileges to be permanently revoked.  This fee is added for any payment that is not processed as Puget Sound is charged the return fee and this fee is passed on to the student account.  This fee cannot be reversed off the account since this is a fee passed on to the university.


Advance Tuition Payment - Fall 2018 - entering Freshman, Transfer, and Graduate Students (OT/DrOT/School of Education) $500
DPT Advance Tuition Payment - Fall 2018  $1000