Brett Rogers

Brett Rogers

Professor, Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Rogers has taught at Puget Sound since 2012, teaching courses on ancient Greek and Latin, ancient literature in translation (especially Greek tragedy), myth and myth theory, sex and gender in Greco-Roman antiquity, and the reception of classical literature in science fiction and fantasy. His research focuses on Greek drama in its original contexts and modern performance, as well as classical receptions in contemporary media.

He has published essays on teaching and learning in Greek drama as part of a larger study on troubling teachers (didaskaloi) in archaic Greece and classical drama. Along with Benjamin Eldon Stevens, Rogers has co-edited four volumes in the field of receptions studies: Classical Traditions in Science Fiction (2015, Oxford), Classical Traditions in Modern Fantasy (2017, Oxford), Frankenstein and Its Classics (2018, Bloomsbury), and Once and Future Antiquities in Science Fiction and Fantasy (2019, Bloomsbury). Rogers' essays have traversed pathways both traditional and unorthodox, from Greek education to Harry Potter, from theater reviews to screenwriting manuals, from the heroes of ancient epic to modern superheroes (including Buffy the Vampire Slayer). He looks forward to the voices and stories that all students will bring to the classroom and then the world beyond Puget Sound. 

BA Reed College 1999
Ph.D Stanford University 2005
The Ancient Novel CLSC 233-A 2218
Sex Gender Classical Antiquity CLSC 323-A 2218
Beginning Ancient Greek GRK 101-A 2218
Intro Ancient Mediterranean CLSC 101-A 2224
Greek Odyssey: Study in Greece CLSC 180-A 2224
Senior Thesis CLSC 490-C 2224
Beginning Ancient Greek GRK 102-A 2224
Advanced Greek GRK 301-A 2224

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