This section will help you prepare to select your interviewees.

Action items during this stage:

Screen applications (contact HR for assistance)

You may review applicant materials through the Hiring Portal.

Human Resources will be able to offer assistance with the application screening process. Prior to interviews, please contact the Recruitment Coordinator to ensure the candidate meets the minimum qualifications for the position.

In order to assure equitable consideration of each candidate's application, many search chairs find the use of a worksheet helpful to them in the review process. We have provided two different worksheets to assist you in the screening process: How to Evaluate Resumes and Applications DOC) and Resume Screening Worksheet(DOCX). A systematic approach to ranking applicants' position-related education, experience, skills and abilities is important, regardless of the application review approach used.

Below are optional, additional resources to help establish evaluative criteria before and during the search process:

Please do not make any notes about applications in the employment applicant tracking system.

Conduct phone interviews

Phone interviews can be an effective way to learn more about applicants before inviting them to campus for interviews. The phone interview is used to outline expectations, to ask questions about application materials, to answer the applicant's questions about the position and the university, and to verify that the candidate is seriously interested in the position.

Determine who will be invited to campus for interviews

Generally, departments invite three to five candidates for on-campus interviews. Please visit the Expenses page for more information on candidate travel.

There are situations when it may be necessary to interview more applicants to find the right individual for the position. Unusual circumstances are to be discussed with the Recruitment Coordinator.

Evaluate each candidate's salary requirements before making your determination.

Once you have identified finalists, advise the Recruitment Coordinator of the names of those individuals who will be invited to campus for interviews. This enables Human Resources staff to respond appropriately to applicant inquiries.

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