This section will help you to prepare for on-campus interviews.

Action items during this stage:


Determine interview questions

Plan for the visit

The search chair is responsible for making arrangements with candidates to visit campus for interviews. Arrangements should generally be made for candidates to meet the following people: members of the department; and, as appropriate, the division vice president, interested members of related departments, and students.

On-campus interview expenses for exempt positions are covered by the Human Resources Recruitment Budget. Departments are responsible for covering expenses for non-exempt candidates. (Note: the recruitment budget covers expenses for those positions supported by tuition dollars. Expenses incurred to fill positions that are supported through self-funded accounts will be charged back to the hiring department.) If you have an unusual circumstance, please contact the Recruitment Coordinator.

Expenses are organized in three categories: Travel, Meals and Lodging.

Requests to be reimbursed for search expenses should be submitted to Human Resources. To facilitate reimbursement, expenses should be consolidated and submitted along with a Reimbursement for Interview Expenses (PDF) form for each person requesting reimbursement. Original receipts, on which the names of meal guests are listed, must be attached.

Any anticipated recruitment-related expense not covered under these guidelines should be brought to the attention of the Recruitment Coordinator for approval before the expense is incurred.

Invite candidates to campus

In your invitation, include a summary of university benefits.

Send email to each candidate before visit

Conduct interviews

Evaluate interviewees


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