What is a short-term temporary staff member?

A short-term temporary staff member is a staff person hired for a limited duration scheduled to work fewer than 1,040 hours per year. Temporary positions are not budgeted as ongoing positions, and because they are either short-term or very part-time, they are not benefits-eligible. Current students are hired only into positions defined as student employment jobs; however, once a student completes their degree requirements and graduates, they may be hired for a temporary staff position. Please note: if you anticipate the temporary staff member will work the equivalent of half time for one year (1040 hours), the position is considered a long-term temporary staff member. The procedures outlined below do not apply. Please contact the Human Resources Generalist at extension 3640 for more information about hiring longer-term temporary staff.

What is the process for hiring a temporary staff member?

The first step in hiring a temporary staff member is to discuss the matter with your department head and establish a funding source for the position and confirm enough funds available to support a temporary staff member. Once a funding source has been identified, contact Human Resources 253.879.3369 or hr@pugetsound.edu to discuss your plans. Once the needed items are received, HR will load the position into PeopleSoft and move it through the appropriate approvals. Once approved, Human Resources will be able to help you fill the position. A fully approved requisition is required before any staff member is authorized to begin work.

What information do I need to create the requisition?

For temporary positions, the information HR needs include:

  1. position title
  2. position start date* and expected end date
  3. number of hours per week the staff member will work
  4. a description of position responsibilities
  5. required qualifications, skills, and abilities
  6. Budget code and
  7. supervisor for the position.

*The start date is the first date the staff member has any obligations related to the position, including orientation meetings or completion of pre-work.

How do I know the budget code?

Check with your supervisor or department head to obtain the correct budget code (funding source) to cover the temporary staff member’s pay and fringe benefits, if applicable.

How will the temporary staff member’s rate of pay be determined?

Human Resources will analyze the position responsibilities, position qualification requirements, budget details, and any additional information you provide to determine an appropriate pay rate from within the university’s pay structure. If the candidate you wish to hire has communicated any pay expectations to you, please let HR know what these are. Once an analysis has been made, HR will let you know the rate of pay. Do not offer or promise a specific pay rate until and unless the rate has been confirmed by HR.

I know who I want to hire; how do I get that person started?

If you know who you wish to hire, you are welcome to discuss the individual's position and gauge the person’s qualifications, interest and availability. Alternatively, you may ask that a member of Human Resources contact the individual to have this conversation on your behalf. If the candidate agrees, they will need to complete a staff application at pugetsound.edu/employment and apply to the position through the secure link to the position which Human Resources will provide. The temporary staff member must have a first-day orientation with Human Resources and complete all necessary employment paperwork. All steps outlined above must take place before the temporary staff member begins work.

I do not have anyone in mind, how do I find a temporary staff member?

In your conversations with HR, describe the experience or skills you are seeking for the position. The university maintains an open application for individuals who have indicated their interest in short-term temporary assignments, usually in clerical or support services positions. Please note Human Resources does not necessarily have a pool of available candidates who can work immediately. Once a temporary staff member request is received, Human Resources will search the university’s current temporary/on-call pool and send you a packet of possible candidates. After your review and interview, you can let HR know your top two or three candidates. HR will determine an appropriate pay rate, and the hiring manager will then be able to call and present an offer to the top candidate (HR can also perform the offer step if requested). If the offer is declined, you move on to your next choice. Please note that there might not always be a qualified candidate in the university's temporary/on-call pool. In this situation, HR can help you post the position to our employment website or provide you with contact information for staffing agencies.

Can I hire a temporary staff member through a temporary agency?

Whenever possible, we encourage departments to utilize our temporary/on-call pool or job posting resources to hire temporary staff. This minimizes the cost of temporary hires by eliminating the agency fee. However, in some circumstances, utilizing a temporary agency is appropriate and necessary. Before agreeing with a temporary agency, we recommend a consultation with the HR Generalist in Human Resources to ensure that temporary agency fees are appropriate and temporary agency agreements (including timesheets) are consistent with university policies and practices.

I want to hire a student who just graduated to continue his or her work for me. How do I do this?

After completing their degree requirements, a graduating student is no longer considered a student employee working through Career and Employment Services and must be transitioned to the temporary staff system administered by Human Resources. To continue to work at the university, the recent alumnus must submit a staff application and be hired into a position through Human Resources. Please follow the temporary staff member hiring steps described above well in advance of the end of the final term in which the student is enrolled to ensure they can begin working upon graduation. Please note that fringe benefits rates differ for student staff members and temporary staff members and account for this in your budget planning.

Can I hire someone to work temporarily from a location out of state?

We cannot employ individuals who will work outside of Washington state while maintaining residency in another state. If you are interested in employing someone who will work remotely (not on campus but within Washington state), a completed telecommuting agreement may be required before the hire can be finalized, at the discretion of the Director of Human Resources in Human Resources or his/her designate.