Consistent with best practices associated with 403(b) fiduciary regulations, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Sherry Mondou formed and is advised by a Retirement Plan Advisory Committee (RPAC) to help ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, evaluate best practices in the administration of Puget Sound’s retirement plan, and make recommendations that are in the best interests of plan participants.  The committee is chaired by the Associate Vice President for Human Resources and supported by an external fiduciary consultant. Committee composition is diverse to include faculty and staff with specific knowledge of sound investment principles, with a lay participant’s perspective, and/or with administrative responsibilities for the University of Puget Sound Retirement Savings Plan. Membership is as follows:

  • Sigrun Bodine, Professor, Math/Computer Science
  • Janet Hallman, Associate Vice President for Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Martin Jackson, Professor, Math/Computer Science
  • Cindy Matern, Associate Vice President for Human Resources / Career and  Employment Services, Chair
  • Kenni Simons, Manager, Total Rewards