Below, we have identified the required steps in the staff hiring process.

Opening a Search

  • Utilize recruiting tools to prepare for the search
  • Review & update job description (if necessary)
  • Complete requisition by contacting the Recruitment Coordinator. This step involves the upload into the system, approvals as well as scheduling a search consultation.

Selecting Interviewees

  • Screen applications (contact the Recruitment Coordinator for assistance)
  • Change applicant status in PeopleSoft by contacting the Recruitment Coordinator
  • Conduct phone interviews 
  • Determine who will be invited to campus for interviews

On-campus Interviews

  • Determine interview questions
  • Plan for the visit
  • Invite candidates to campus
  • Send email to each candidate before visit
  • Conduct interviews
  • Evaluate interviewees

Offer to Finalist

  • Select finalist candidate(s)
  • Update Recruitment Coordinator on application status
  • Complete reference checks on finalist(s). We have provided a reference check form (DOC) for your convenience.
  • Send reference check and interview notes to Recruitment Coordinator
  • Request salary offer determination from the Recruitment Coordinator
  • Make verbal offer of employment
  • Send offer letter (HR sends prepared letter in an email to search chair)

Closing a search

  • Contact all unsuccessful candidates who interviewed on-campus
  • Send all remaining search materials to Recruitment Coordinator
  • Prepare for new hire