This section will help you prepare to offer your position to your finalist candidate.

Action items during this stage:


Select finalist candidate(s)

Notify the Recruitment Coordinator on finalist(s) selected

Complete reference checks on finalist(s)

Once you have identified a top candidate from the field of finalists, check references. Reference checks should be conducted with the current supervisor and with any other individuals who have supervised the candidate during their last three positions OR last ten years of employment. Formal reference checks are required for both internal and external candidates. We have provided a reference check form (Word Doc).

Although some organizations decline to provide reference information on previous employees, they are usually willing to verify dates of employment and job titles. If you encounter a supervisor who is unwilling to provide reference information beyond dates and titles, advise them that the candidate has provided the university with signed authorization to check references and offer to scan or fax a copy of the signed authorization statement (included in the online application) to them.

Send reference checks and interview notes to the Recruitment Coordinator

Request salary offer determination from the Recruitment Coordinator

  • Provide the Recruitment Coordinator with information about departmental salary expectations, as well as the candidate's salary requirements.

Make verbal offer of employment

If the candidate has questions about the other benefits, our Benefits team will be happy to answer them.

In addition to using the script, you may also want to think about how to include the following topics in your verbal offer.

  • Why you want this person: You are excited about having the individual join the Puget Sound staff. Their knowledge, skills, and abilities along with their interests are well suited to this job, to the department and to Puget Sound. You want them to join your department's team.
  • Why they want to work at Puget Sound: Accepting the position means working in a private liberal arts college setting, a great environment in which to work. This is a terrific institution to learn and grow in and you are a mentor who is committed to celebrating staff successes, crediting staff with their successes, and building the talents, skills and potential of the staff in your area. Other university faculty and staff colleagues are also top rate and will be valued collaborators. The individual will work with (identify specific departments and/or administrators this individual will interact with frequently).
  • Why this job is the right one for them: This job is an important one. They will play an integral role in (specify departmental goals/strategic planning).

Send offer letter (HR sends prepared letter in an email to search chair)


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