Budget Administration Reference Materials and Training

Welcome to the Office of Finance’s budget administration resource page.  Here you will find various budget administration self-help documents, available orientation training, and additional budget information. 


Budget Orientation Training

Office of Finance is please to offer budget orientation training to faculty and staff.  We provide one-on-one, departmental group, or class training.  Group training is also offered as part of the Faculty and Staff Professional Development Conference sponsored by Human Resources.  Trainings can include introduction to the following: the chart of accounts; coding transactions; entering and approving requisitions; utilizing and navigating the PS Financials budget tools, and; answering any budget-related questions you may have.


To get started contact Dana Kapla (dkapla@pugetsound.edu or at extension #2736) to schedule your one-on-one training today.


Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts are numbering systems for recording, tracking, classifying, and reporting on financial (budget and actual) transactions comprised of various Chartfields.  You can search Chartfield elements using the Chartfield Value Lookup tool within PS Financials (found at: MainMenu>PugetSoundFinancials>ChartfieldValueLookup).


Chartfield Elements


Fund List

Department Range:                                                              

1DDD: President    
2DDD: Office of Communications
3000 & 73DD: Enrollment Division
4DDD: Academic Division
5DDD: University Relations
6DDD: Student Affairs Division
7DDD (except 73DD): Finance & Administration Division
9DDD: General Operations/Other



Account Range:

1AAAA: Assets
2AAAA: Liabilities
3AAAA: Net Assets
4AAAA: Revenue
90AAA: Revenue Transfer
5AAAA: Compensation
6AAAA: Operating Expenses
7AAAA: Capital Expenses
91AAA: Expense Transfer




Puget Sound uses a “short cut” for three of the Chartfield elements; the fund, the department, and the project codes. This “short cut” is referred to as the SpeedChart.


A SpeedChart is six numeric digits long and in most cases, not all, comprised of either;

PPPPPP - the project code (if the your chart of account has a project code); or

FFDDDD - the combination of fund and department


For department (annual) operating/capital budgets, the SpeedChart = the department code preceded by the fund code (example: 107101 = Office of Finance)


For designated and restricted (carryover or grants) funds, the SpeedChart is the project code (PPPPPP).  This is true for the majority of chart of accounts strings but not all.  To verify your SpeedChart use the Chartfield Value Lookup tool under FINANCIALS within myPugetSound.


To obtain additional information email FINANCE@PUGETSOUND.EDU or call Dana at extension #2736

PS Budget Administration Resources

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