Puget Sound’s unrestricted annual operating budget consists of Educational & General (Fund 10) and Auxiliary (Fund 13).

After the Board of Trustees approves the unrestricted operating budget, budget worksheets are distributed to cabinet members and/or their designees to be completed and returned.

Please return your budget worksheets by the due date identified in the message you received. Returning your complete budget worksheet by this due date is important for your budget to be loaded and ready in PeopleSoft when the new budget year begins in July.

To review your current or prior budget(s), log into myPugetSound and use the Annual Budget tool located within the Financials & Annual Budget tile.

Budget coding (Chartfield) review:
The university uses PeopleSoft Chartfields to track budget and actual activity. Chartfields used in your detail department budget may include:

Department (required): 4-digit code such as 3000 – Admission Office, 4011 – Biology, 6133 – Student Activities, or 7601 – Security

Account (required): 5-digit code to identify revenue, expense, or transfer categories in your budget

Chartfield1 (optional): 6-digit code used to track programs, activities, or events within your budget

If you wish to establish a new Department or Chartfield1 code, please contact the Office of Finance by emailing finance@pugetsound.edu.

Adding new department codes to your detail budget:
If you have added a new department since last year and it is not listed in the worksheet you receive, please insert a new column in the budget detail worksheet and label it with the four-digit department code and name.

Adding additional account codes to your detail budget:
If you wish to budget amounts in additional account codes (revenue, operating or capital expense, or transfer accounts), insert a new line into the detail budget worksheet for each additional account code.

Using Chartfield1 to budget programs, activities, or events in your department(s):
You can add a six-digit “Chartfield1” code to your department and account codes to track revenue and/or expense for individual programs, activities, or events within your department(s).

For a complete list of active Chartfields, use the Chartfield Value Lookup tool located in the myPugetSound>Financials & Annual Budget tile. Select the appropriate tab across the top to search active Chartfields. Please also reference your budget workbook for any updates that may not yet be reflected in the Chartfield Value Lookup tool. If you need any assistance, please contact the Office of Finance by emailing finance@pugetsound.edu.

Revised May 2024