While traveling, it may be helpful to scan your receipts as you go. The Genius Scan application, available for iPhones and iTouches, allows users to "scan" and email receipts. It also allows a user to create a PDF document of their receipts, however the PDF version Genius Scan creates does not follow the guidelines for our receipt imaging process.

Download Genius Scan

Using your iPhone or iTouch, search for Genius Scan in the App Store. The free version allows you to scan, enhance images, create and email images and PDFs.

Scanning a Receipt

On the application's home page, choose camera to take an image of your receipt. Try to take the image in a well lit setting in order to increase image quality. The closer to the receipt the image is taken, the more legible the text will be once enhanced. If the receipt has creases, try to flatten it out as much as possible to avoid the scanner picking up wrinkles. It is very important to ensure the image is legible, so be sure to take these steps to increase image quality.

Once you have taken the image, you can enhance it in black & white or color. Either way works, but choose the enhancement style that looks the most readable. You can then save the file to your iPhone or email it to yourself.

Image legibility is very important if you choose to submit the iPhone scans to Wells Fargo during the reconciliation process. Once you have emailed the file to yourself, be sure to double check that it is legible. If you send each scan separately (not through the combined PDF option in Genius Scan) the files will be individual images. Multiple images can be copied and pasted into Word in order to follow university policy of fitting as many receipts per page as possible. You should still keep the original receipts in the case that the scan quality is not legible.