Director of Sustainability

Lexi Brewer

Reporting to the Associate Vice President for facilities services and as a member of the facilities services leadership team, the Director of Sustainability will provide institutional leadership in recommending key actions to which the university will commit to advance environmental justice and sustainability. Sustainability and resource conservations are core values and strategic priorities at Puget Sound. The director will recommend specific university goals and commitments related to environmental justice and sustainability and will develop short- and long-range plans. The director will work closely with university leaders, faculty, students, and staff to foster a culture of sustainability across campus and among students, faculty, and staff, and to identify, develop, implement, and promote collaborative strategies that advance these core values and strategic priorities in facilities planning, projects, and operations; academic programs; student and faculty research; administrative and student support offices; civic engagement initiatives; community outreach; and developing performance metrics. The director will also monitor and evaluate program effectiveness, document performance, and trends, and recommend modifications to improve institutional effectiveness. Finally, the director will help coordinate sustainability responsibilities assigned to other facilities functions.

Student Manager


Projects Manager

Lily Poe

Outreach Lead


The purpose of this position is to assist the Project Manager in creating and conducting outreach campaigns and informing the campus community of sustainability work and initiatives. Required skills include graphic design, familiarity with social media, project management, and outreach. This position will be responsible for creating and managing Sustainability social media accounts, including managing the content calendar and advertising events and campaigns. This position will also assist the Sustainability Director in creating a monthly Sustainability Services Newsletter. The Sustainability Outreach Field Lead will occasionally be asked to help the Sustainability Services team with special projects and to work with the recycling team in completing work orders related to waste diversion.

Field Leads

The Sustainability Services Field Lead position is formatted to assist both the Student Manager and Sustainability Assistant positions bilaterally. Tasks that are designated as the responsibility of the Field leads have the potential to alleviate pressure points in our day-to-day recycling practices as well as advance the Field Lead’s knowledge of management. It is our hope that persons in this position will become generally knowledgeable and otherwise capable of carrying out the tasks of the Student Manager if they are elevated to that position in the future.

Sustainability Assistants

The purpose of this position is to assist the Recycling Team in maintaining an efficient and effective recycling program on campus. In order to achieve this vision, students are expected to work in collaboration with other students while completing individual tasks. These tasks will include, but are not limited to: handling recyclable waste from the campus community, promoting sustainability awareness and education on campus, helping to staff sustainable events which might occur after standard hours of operation, and providing additional support to the Sustainability Coordinator and student managers.