• If you haven’t already, get some lime and moss control down on your lawn.
  • Get fruit trees pruned and old hydrangea flowers cut off, and watch out for the new flower buds.
  • It’s a good time to do your hard and soft edging as they both won’t grow out quickly and it’s easier to mulch your beds with a crisp edge to work with.
  • It's also still a good time to spot spray weeds in your lawn and landscape.
  • You can start putting out some grass seed in mid-February to help fill in the shady spots of your lawn before the leaves come back out.


  • It’s been a long, wet winter; check your wipers and wiper fluid.
  • Give your vehicle a good wash, both the paint and the undercarriage to remove any salt, sand, and deicing products.
  • Temperatures are creeping back up, so check your tire pressure as it is affected by temps, and doing so will help you save on fuel. Go by the tire pressure sticker, usually on the inside edge of your driver’s door, NOT the pressure rating on the tire.
  • Check your small engine equipment like mowers, blowers, and trimmers to make sure they are ready for the season.