• Lab Management Plan (PDF)
    The purpose of the Lab Management Plan is to standardize the management of materials discarded in our educational laboratories, research labs, and Art Department studios. Last updated July 2022.
  • Lab Rules (PDF)
    The purpose of this document is to go over best lab practices for Non-Laboratory Personnel. It covers proper clothing attire, what is not allowed in the lab, and who to contact when there is a spill. Added September 2022.
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan (PDF)
    The purpose of the Chemical Hygiene Plan is to inform, train, and ultimately protect Puget Sound personnel from workplace health and safety hazards in our laboratories. Puget Sound uses appropriate methods to ensure such protection, such as engineering controls (such as fume hoods), administrative controls (such as Standard Operating Procedures), and Personal Protective Equipment (also known as PPE, which is provided where other controls are not sufficient or feasible). Last updated July 2022.
  • Accident Prevention Program (PDF)
    The purpose of the Accident Prevention Program (APP) is to encourage a high standard of safety throughout all locations and operations at Puget Sound and to establish overall safe work practices and accident prevention by and for staff, faculty, students workers, and contractors. Last updated October 2020.
  • Hazard Communication Program (PDF)
    The purpose of the Hazard Communication Program (Hazcom) is to ensure that all affected employees have been informed of the dangers of the hazardous chemicals which they use in their work and the necessary precautions for working safely with those chemicals. Last updated October 2020.
  • Non-Licensed Vehicle Safety Guidelines (PDF)
    Safety guidelines when operating a non-licensed vehicle (golf cart). Last updated June 2021.
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Plan (PDF)
    The purpose of this plan is to control occupational exposure of University employees to Bloodborne Pathogens (BBPs). Last updated July 2022.