Student Advisor Title
Illeana Alexander '17 Nick Kontogeorgopoulos Exploring Causes for the Slow Rate of Development in the Philippines
Bridget Alexander '18 Leslie Saucedo Effect of Redox Environment on Number of Stem Cells in Drosophila Gut
Rachel Anderson '17 Amy Fisher Narratives of Victorian Technology
Zach Armstrong '18 Rand Worland Acoustic Effects of Structural Modifications to Harmon Mutes
Madeline Aubertine '16 David Andresen Hacking the Brain: Separating the Effects of Manipulating High- and Low-Level Brain Oscillations on Facial Processing
Jae Bates '18 Heather White The Oral Histories of Transgender Clergy in America
Samuel Berling '18 Rand Worland Physics of the Musical Saw: An Investigation of the Factors Affecting the Confinement of Vibrational Modes in Stressed Double-Curved Metal Plates
Naomi Boissy '17 Jo Crane Characterization of Metallogels: Evaluation of Thermal Stability and Analysis of Supra-molecular Interactions
Madison Bowden '17 Carolyn Weisz Parental Sexual Communication and College Students' Attitudes
Andrew Brandt '18 Courtney Thatcher Simplifying the Inclusion-Exclusion Principle With Planar Graphs
Samantha Burch '18 Mark Martin Alanin: It's What's for Dinner? Ability of the Bacterial Predator Bdellovibrio Bacteriovorus to Catabolize Prey Derived Alanine
Angelica Calderon '17 Jeff Tepper Controls on the Distribution of Asarco Heavy Metals in Tacoma-Area Lakes
Mitchell Carlson '18 Robin Jacobson Who Supports Donald J. Trump?
Sam Carp '17 Rachel DeMotts Mitigating the Effects of Industrialization on Urban Agriculture in Accra, Ghana
Joseph Chen '16 Bryan Thines Investigating the Role of FBS1 in Salt Stress Response and Jasmonic Signaling in Arabidopis
Cody Chun '17 Mike Benveniste, John Wesley The Prophet of the Post-Postmodern: Epistemological Dread in the Roberto Bolano Canon
Emaleigh Curl '19 Travis Harris Computational Optimization of an Iron-Based Hydrogenation Catalyst
Emma Didier '18 Carrie Woods Effect of Depth, Water, and Nutrient Content of Canopy Humus on Epiphyte Abundance, Distribution, and Diversity in Acer Macrophylum in a Temperate Rainforest
Juliana Echternach '17 Rachel Pepper Splashing Dispersal on Wet Splash-Cups
Emma Elder '18 Jeff Grinstead Protein-Fragment Docking: Development of HADDOCK for Fragment-Based Drug Design
Katharine Etsell '17 Janet Marcavage Tacoma's Industry in Word and Image
Benjamin Fallis '18 Stuart Smithers Black is Beautiful: Race in Antillean Philosophical Anthropology
Jordan Fonseca '18 Amy Spivey Construction and Testing of Ultrafast Spectroscopy Setup to Probe Luminescence Dynamics for the Development of Luminescent Solar Concentrators
Tiare Gill '18 Stacey Weiss Skin Lipids of the Striped Plateau Lizard (Sceloporus Virgatus): Role of Oleic and Stearic Acid in Mate Selection and Egg Clutch Size
Alicia Goin '16 Siddharth Ramakrishnan Investigation of Synthetic Cathinones' Effect on GnRH Neurons
Jon Golla '17 Jeff Tepper Geochemistry and Origin of Hot Spring Waters in Olympic Peninsula and Cascade Range, WA
Ryan Grate '17 Eric Scharrer Synthesis of Bent Core Liquid Crystalline Compounds in an Effort to Lower the Observed Phrase Transition Temperatures
Rachel Greiner '18 Monica DeHart Quotidian Laws: Immigration on the Ground
Lauren Hall '16 Nancy Bristow Remembering the Forgotten War: American Political Memorializing of the Korean War
Elizabeth Hegedus '17 Megan Gessel Examining the Effect of Insulin on the Membrane Association of Islet Amyloid Polypeptide
Adam Herbertson '17 Sue Hannaford Investigation of Paraquat Uptake and Neurotoxicity in Dopaminergic Neurons of Bublebees (Bombus Vosnesenskii) and its Potential Attenuation by the Neuroprotective Properties of the Antibiotic Minocycline
Rachel Hirsch '17 David Chiu Live Data Compression, Catching, and Querying
Cole Jackson '17 Peter Wimberger Evaluating the Success of Two Different Engineered Log Jam Strategies on Salmon and Their Habitats
Jesse Jenks '18 Doug Cannon What Do We Mean by Logical Consequences
Joey Jepson '17 John Hanson Characterization of the MaIA Enzyme From Bdellovibrio Through the Synthesis and Analysis of Maltose Derivatives
Ben Johns '17 Sue Hannaford Can Oxidative Stress Explain the Difference in Associative Learning Capabilities Between Forager and Nurse Bumblebees (Bombus Vosnesenskii)?
Amanda Johnson '17 Peter Hodum, Megan Gessel Using Feathers to Determine PBDE Levels in Seabirds Over Time
Audrey Kaufman '17 Alisa Kessel Sciences Po Fourth Annual Political Theory Conference in Paris, France
Alex Kaufman '17 Rachel Pepper Overcoming Challenges in Prey Contact and Capture at Low Reynolds Numbers
Neha Ketkar '17 Nick Kontogeorgopoulos Short-Term English Instruction as a Mechanism for Economic Growth
Adrian Kljucec '17 Jess Smith Space, Performance, and Audience: A Transformation of Viewership
Andrew Kristensen '18 Adam Smith Neural Networks in the Extraction of Mouse Ultrasonic Vocalizations
Maggie Langford '17 Elise Richman Creation and Motherhood: Feminist Views and Perceptions of Birth and Rebirth
Andrew Langtry '17 Siddharth Ramakrishnan Effect of Embryonic Testosterone Exposure on Social Characterization and the GnRH Neuron in D. Rerio Through an Autistic Paradigm
Addison LaRock '17 Dan Burgard Quantification of 11-Nor-9-Carboxy-Tetrahydrocannabinol in Tacoma's Wastewater to Analyze Consumption Patterns of Cannabis
Hannah Lehman '17 Krszta Kotsis, Patrick O'Neil Migrant Images: Visual Propaganda of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in German and French Cities
Alex Lutton '17 Rachel Pepper Improving the Model of Vorticella Using Point-Force Dipoles
Katy Maleta '18 Carrie Woods Influence of Salal and Nurse Logs on Tree Seedling Abundance in Temperate Rainforests
Rita McCreesh '17 Kena Fox Dobbs Carbon and Nutrient Storage Associated With the Reintroduction of Beavers to Montane Headwater Drainages in the Metthow Valley, WA
Kristina Michaud '18 Amanda Mifflin Investigation of the Interaction of Desferrioxamine-B at Hematite/Water Interfaces
Zane Molgaard '18 Andreas Madlung Exploring the Molecular Advantage of Polyploidization Through AtMYB52
Annastasia Morairty '17 Sue Hannaford Does the herbicide paraquat affect associative learning in bumblebees (Bombus vosnesenskii) and can the antibiotic minocycline attenuate such cognitive deficits?
Allison Nasson '17 Ben Lewin Activism Mobilization and Perceptions of Victimhood
Chiyoko Newsum '17 Vanessa Koelling Determining the Effect of Purging in Mixed-Mating Populations of Mimulus Guttatus, the Common Yellow Monkeyflower
Alison O'Daffer '19 Amanda Mifflin EEG Investigation of the Putatuve Link Between Mu-Waves and Mirror Neuron Activity
Alex O'Neal '17 Jeff Tepper

Determination of Surface Charge for the Hematite/Water Interface Using Second Harmonic Generation Spectroscopy

Andrew Oberhelman '17 Jeff Tepper Comparison of the Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Groundwater and Surface Water in the South Sound Region
Anson Olson '17 Ken Clark Investigation of the Olympia Structure at Vance Creek, Mason County, WA
Kimberly Ortmann '18 Carrie Woods

Determining Effect of Nurse Logs in Density Dependent Factors of Seedling Survival of Temperate Rainforest Trees at Hoh River, WA

Megan Reich '17 Gwynne Brown Nature as Music: How Acoustic Ecology and Ecomusicology Connect Public Audiences With Natural Soundscapes
Kyle Reinke '17 Jeff Tepper Assessment of HADDOCK: Does the Degree of Conformational Change Affect the Success of Docking?
Gustavo Reyes '17 Eric Scharrer Synthesis of New Oxadiazole Based Liquid Crystals With Multiple Lateral Groups: The Search for Derivatives That Express the Biaxial Nematic Phase at Room Temperature
Rachael Riley '16 David Andresen EEG Investigation of Mirror Neuron Involvement in Theatrical Connection
Jahrme Risner '18 Robert Beezer Authoring Open Source Textbooks and Monographs in the Humanities
Anna Rothstein '17 Joel Elliott Effects of Sea Star Wasting Disease on Intertidal Biodiversity
Jane Sadetsky '17 Dan Burgard Quantification of Marijuana Use Via Wastewater Based Drug Epidemiology
Sophie Schwartz '16 Jada Pelger, Lori Ricigliano Digitization of the University of Puget Sound Theatre Arts Collection
Samantha Scott '17 Jill Nealey-Moore Understanding the Impact of Attachment on Cortisol Synchrony, Cortisol Elevation, and Psychological Stress in Pediatric Cancer Patient/Caregiver Dyads
Zoey Selby '17 Siddharth Ramakrishnan Effect of Early Embryonic Exposure to SSRIs on the Developing GnRH Neuron System and Larval Behavior in Zebrafish
Olivia Sherman '17 Elise Richman Oil Paintings: Reframing Ancient Roman Figurative Gesture Through Seleuze's Contemporary Aesthetics
Hailey Shoemaker '17 Elise Richman A Visual Exploration of the Activist's Narrative and the Search for Purpose
Hunter Simpson '18 Joel Elliott, Bryan Thines Effects of an Unidentified Oomycete Pathogen on the Roots of Eelgrass (Zostera Marina)
Mairan Smith '18 Peter Wimberger Using Stable Isotopes to Determine Resources Partitioning and the Role of Anthropogenic Food Sources on Urban Populations of Seattle and North Tacoma Raccoons (Procyon Lotor) and Opossums (Didelphis Virginiana)
Sophie Soares '17 Joel Elliott Effects of Temperature, Location, and Size on Wasting Disease in Pisaster Ochraceus and Evasterias Troschelii Found in Puget Sound, Washington
Matty Specht '17 Rachel Pepper Determining the Benefits of Vorticella Rotational Behavior
Sloan Strader '18 Tiffany MacBain The Diary of a White Ally in the Pacific Northwest
Kathryn Stutz '18 Andrew Gardner Global Museum Networks: Connections Between Qatar and the West
Samantha Swain '17 Megan Gessel Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Islet Amyoid Polypeptide in Model Membranes
Robyn Thomas '18 Peter Hodum

Using Tufted Puffins (Fratercula Cirrhata) as Indicators of Marine Ecosystem Conditions

Samantha Tigner '17 Brendan Lanctot The Central Union of Argentine Workers During Times of Political Charge Under President Macri
Helen Tschurr '18 Katherine Smith Unwritten History: The Origins and Development of the British Constitution
Lauren Ulbricht '17 Peter Wimberger Mercury Accumulation in the Red-Tailed Hawk (Buteo Jamaicensis) in the Pacific Northwest
Andrew Ustach '18 Andreas Madlung Light Intensity and Sugar Metabolism and the Diurnal Rhythm of Sugar Production and Breakdown in Arabidopsis Suecica
Justin Wagers '17 Garrett Milam Vocabulary as an Indicator of Credit Worthiness: An Analysis of Public Loan Data
Deanna Wilcox '18 Joel Elliott Effect of Sea-Star Wasting Disease on Gull Food Preferences
Jack Williams '17 Jung Kim Role of MMP-9 in Muscular Fibrosis Following Cardiotoxin-Induced Injury
Jeremy Wood '18 Carrie Woods Examining the Effects of Microclimate Humidity and Temperature on Epiphyte Diversity Within Individual Tree Crowns of Acer Macrophyllum
Vladimir Yelkhimov '15 John Hanson Investigating the Substrate Specificity of T4 and Hen Egg White Lysozymes