The Faculty Bylaws establish the duties of the Committee on Diversity as the following:

  1. To serve the university’s goal of increasing the social diversity of the campus.
  2. To participate in the development of initiatives that enable the university to hire new faculty from historically under-represented populations and to support better the retention and success of such faculty.
  3. To work with the President, Vice-Presidents, and the Chief Diversity Officer concerning diversity initiatives that can benefit from faculty presence and leadership, as needed.
  4. To establish liaisons with key university units including staff and student diversity groups to assess strategic needs and work collaboratively in diversity-related initiatives, as needed.
  5. To work with colleagues to maintain an educational environment that welcomes and supports diversity even as it protects and assures the rights of academic freedom outlined in the Faculty Code.
  6. To activate annually a group of faculty, staff and students that will review aggregate data about patterns of bias and hate in our campus community with the purpose of creating educational opportunities for reflection and dialogue.
  7. To report annually to the Faculty Senate on the committee’s work related to diversity goals 1-6.
  8. Such other duties as may be assigned to it by the Faculty Senate.