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Online Audition Video Submission Instructions

School of Music applicants are encouraged to participate in live auditions for entrance to the major or scholarship consideration, but candidates who live 200 miles or more from a regional audition location in Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, or San Francisco and are unable to attend on-campus auditions may submit a video-recorded audition instead.

Students interested in being considered for a Theatre Scholarship with an emphasis in Acting are required to submit a link to a video recording as part of the application. We do not offer on-campus auditions.

You may upload your recording(s) to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video-hosting website of your choice and include links in your Theatre Scholarship application and/or Music Audition application. We do not accept The Common Application Arts Supplement, CDs, or audio-only recordings.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Music applicants should review the instrument-specific audition requirements. Start your video by stating your full name, what you are auditioning for (specific music majors, scholarship-only, etc.), and the name of each piece you will perform. 
  • Theatre scholarship applicants should upload a recording featuring one monologue of no more than three minutes. The selection must be from a realistic published play in the twentieth century and may be comic or serious.
    • If you would like, you may also prepare a song of no more than two minutes (optional). 
  • Auditions should be filmed as if they were "live," using the highest quality audio and video recording equipment possible. The video should be one take (no editing or stopping mid-recording.)
    • Do not submit footage from school or community productions.
    • Do not use props, costumes, or special effects. 
  • Consider using a tripod, if you have access to one, for steady footage.
  • Please include your full name in your title of your video.
  • If you haven't already, you'll need to create an account on the video sharing site of your choice in order to upload a video. We are unable to provide technical support, but you may find it helpful to review YouTube Help Center or Vimeo Help Center for instructions on creating an account, uploading videos, and changing your privacy settings.
    • By default, online video submissions are public and generally accessible through search results. You may wish to restrict who can view your audition recording, but you need to make sure we are able to access the video.
    • On YouTube, setting your video to Unlisted will allow anyone with the link to view your video. We are unable to access videos set to Private. The equivalent feature in Vimeo is limited to premium (paid) users only. 
  • Before submitting your video recording, test it out first by previewing the URL in a different browser or sending it a friend or family member. Make sure you are not logged into the video sharing site platform while accessing the link.