All auditioners are required to complete a Music Audition Application.
Please note: we do not accept the arts supplement from the Common Application.

On-campus auditions will be 10-15 minutes in length and involve performance of the required repertoire and scales, as well as a short interview with faculty. 

The School of Music offers music scholarships for all band and orchestral instruments, voice, piano, organ, guitar, and jazz instruments. Audition requirements for entrance into a major/minor program and/or scholarship consideration are below.

We believe that diversity and representation matter. At Puget Sound, students are encouraged to explore a diversity of musical styles, traditions, and works by gender- and racially-marginalized composers, as part of their preparation to become future musical leaders. We look forward to exploring lots of different kinds of music together. In the meantime, prospective students are asked to prepare selections for audition that best represent their current playing and musical background