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School of Education Essay Prompts

The following essay prompts are included in the application for the M.A.T. and M.Ed. programs.

M.A.T. Candidates:

Recommended length is 300-500 words for each prompt (900-1500 total).

  1. Discuss your reasons for wanting to teach. Include how previous work, personal, and/or educational experiences have influenced your decision to become a teacher.
  2. Discuss the capacities you bring to working with students.
  3. Describe an experience or interaction with a youth or colleague who was different* from you in some significant way and what you learned from it.

    *When thinking about difference consider one or more identity characteristics such as disability, race, religion, gender identity, socioeconomic class, documentation status, and/or political beliefs.

M.Ed. Candidates:

State in concise terms your reasons for pursuing an MEd in Counseling. As appropriate, include a discussion of how your professional and educational experiences, and this track of graduate study, are related to your professional goals. Recommended length is 300-500 words.