Theatre Arts

Puget Sound Production photos: Kurt Walls. For production detail, double click on image.

What Do We Do . . .

Theatre Arts offers courses and creative activities in which students learn to make, understand, and evaluate theatrical events. In doing so, students acquire knowledge and skills that enable them to become collaborative, informed, imaginative, and engaged theatre makers, who - as artists, scholars, and citizens - will pursue paths after graduation in professional theatre, education, business, and other fields of endeavor. The faculty is committed to theatre as a liberal art and an emphasis on the total artist. Majors, minors, and non-majors develop skills and connect insights in acting, directing, design, production, dramaturgy, research, and writing throughout their coursework, culminating in thesis projects presented as part of Senior Theatre Festival. Through participation in student- and faculty- directed productions, students ground their study of theatre in rehearsal and performance. Department productions provide the university and local community with the opportunity to experience high-quality theatre of diverse style, content, and form from a variety of historical periods.

The department annually offers scholarships for incoming and continuing students: deadline, January 15 for incoming and March 25 for continuing students. For information, visit the department website or contact the office coordinator at 253.879.3330.

All students are welcome to audition for and participate in Theatre Arts productions.

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What's Happening Next?

Senior Theatre Festival

Senior majors in the Department of Theatre Arts complete a culminating thesis project that requires the planning, execution, and evaluation of a four-show festival of plays, collaboratively produced. This Senior Theatre Festival is the capstone of experiential learning in the program, and draws on all areas of study in the major, while also mirroring many aspects of professional work in the field post-degree. Through an intense supervised process housed in the THTR 490 class, the senior class reads extensively, selects four full-length plays to produce, and determines which seniors will direct, design, dramaturg, and act in STF shows as their thesis mainstage season.

Theatre Arts faculty provide guidance, beginning with thesis-oriented readiness assessment during junior interviews. The faculty project. This year-long ensemble process results in an April festival that is part of the department's emphasizes that success in STF, particularly in key roles such as director and dramaturg, correlates with three distinct modes of achievement: maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA across all theatre classes; participating in a faculty directed show in a high responsibility production role; and a strong experience in the 313 Directing class.



Machinal is a groundbreaking American Expressionist play written in 1928 by Sophie Treadwell. Inspired by the scandalous real-life court case and execution of New York housewife, Ruth Snyder, the play follows the archetypal character of ‘Young Woman’ as she attempts to find freedom from the suffocating gender expectations placed on her in every arena of her life. Treadwell’s feminist treatment of the narrative intentionally centers the subjective and subverts our typical expectations around dramatic action. So when her one brush with freedom is the one thing that lands her in a trial that could end in her death, the audience becomes jury and we are ultimately asked how we may have been complicit in her journey all along.

This live-streamed production blends virtual and live performances from an ensemble cast of students spread throughout the west coast. Innovative video design and an immersive set reflect the claustrophobic and mechanical external world and fractured inner life of the protagonist while simultaneously updating a play written nearly a century ago.


March 11 at 7:30pm

March 12 at 7:30pm

March 13 at 2pm and 7:30pm