The University of Puget Sound Smoking Policy complies with the state Smoking in Public Places law. Following is information about the state law (Chapter 70.160 RCW) and the campus smoking policy.

The Smoking in Public Places law prohibits smoking in all public places and places of employment and within 25 feet of entrances, exits, windows that open, and ventilation intakes that serve an enclosed area where smoking is prohibited.

In compliance with the law, smoking on campus is limited to areas that are minimally 25 feet from buildings, including all academic and administrative buildings, residence halls, Union Avenue houses, and all other campus houses. Smoking also is prohibited in university vehicles. All campus community members and guests are required to comply with the law on campus.

Smokers should also consider the extent to which their smoking location might intersect with other members of the college community's travel paths. All campus community members are encouraged to inform smokers about the law and college policy if they observe violations.

Persons with questions or concerns about on-going violations of the policy and law are encouraged to contact the Division of Student Affairs. Persons with questions or concerns about on-going violations of the policy and law on the part of faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the faculty or staff member’s academic or administrative department head. Persons with concerns about guests who are violating the policy are encouraged to contact Security Services. Policy violations may be addressed through applicable student, faculty, and staff processes.

Origination Date: 6/1995

Revised: 4/1996, 4/2009