Logger Store charge accounts allow students to establish a line of credit at the Logger Store by establishing a pre-selected, prepaid amount to use towards Logger Store purchases.  Students pre-select the amount of credit they wish to establish, authorize a charge against their student account so that funds can be transferred to the Logger Store to create their prepaid account, and then begin utilizing their account for purchases. 

Students can use their Logger Account all semester as long as they continue to have funds available for spending.  Any unused credit at the end of the term will be transferred back to their student account.  Logger Store accounts do not roll over from one semester to another.

Activating the Logger Store account may create a balance due on the student account.  Payment for the balance must be made within the billing cycle (one month) to avoid any late fees.


 1) Are Logger Store accounts required in order to shop at the Logger Store?

  • Logger Store accounts are not required.  Students can choose to pay for purchases with cash or by debit or credit card.  

2) How do I sign up for a Logger Store account? 

  • Students will see a "To Do List" item for the Logger Store account sign up in their myPugetSound portal during pre-registration.  This "To Do" item will be removed after account sign up or at the 11th day of the semester if the student does not activate a Logger Store account.
  • Students with at least .25 units of enrollment for Fall or Spring Semester are eligible to sign up once the Terms and Conditions of Enrollment is completed. 
  • The amount selected during account sign up will be the charge limit at the Logger Store for the upcoming (Fall or Spring) semester only.

3) How much can I sign up for each semester? 

  • Charge limit options: $150, $250, $350, $500, $750, or $1000
    • Be sure to select an amount that will cover spending needs for the entire semester.
    • The amount cannot be changed once selected.

4) How is the Logger Account paid for?

  • A charge for the equivalent of the pre-selected Logger Store credit will be assessed against the student account and will appear on your monthly account statement.  If the Logger Account set up results in a balance due on your student account, that amount must be paid within that billing cycle.  

5) What if I signed up for a charge account in error or I change my mind? 

  • Please contact Student Financial Services (sfs@pugetsound.edu) to request that the account be cancelled.  You will still be responsible for any charges you made against your Logger Store account.

6) What happens to the funds I do not use?

  • Any funds remaining in your Logger Store charge account at the end of the semester will be refunded as a credit to your student account.