UPS Faculty and Student CSM Presentations

From faculty research and educational sessions to student investigations and faculty/student collaborative studies, for nearly two decades, the UPS Physical Therapy Program has annually contributed a significant number of presentations to APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting.  This year’s CSM, being held February 15-18 in New Orleans, Louisiana, will see 7 research studies presented by UPS faculty and students along with a preconference course from our program director, Dr. Bob Boyles.  Twelve of our DPT students will have their own research projects and collaborative efforts with PT faculty presented at this national conference.  If you are on hand in New Orleans, check them out!

  • Preconference Course:

    Charles Hazle, Bob Boyles, James Dauber. Achieving Clinical Correlates: Imaging Implications for Physical Therapists.

    Research Poster Presentations:

  •  Friday, February 23, 1:00-3:00 PM

     Sarah Maissy, Ginny Skipper, Roger Allen. Effect of Interferential Current in the Management of Musculoskeletal Pain: A Systematic Review.

     Ann Wilson, Bob Boyles, Keith Ward: Musician Injury Prevention Screenings in a Physical Therapy Onsite Clinic.

    Jennifer Hastings, Connor Brown, McKenna McNabb, Cassandra Repasky. The use of Heel Lifts for Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease to Improve Postural Stability.

    Roger Allen, Arista Ip, Eva Fazzini. Relationship Between Delayed Pain Flares, Psychogenic Stress and Free Thyroxine in Patients with Phantom Limb Pain. Click here
  •  Saturday, February 24, 1:00-3:00 PM

    Nicole Brun-Cottan, Danny McMillian, Jennifer Hastings. Defending the Art of Physical Therapy: Expanding Inquiry and Crafting Culture in Support of Therapeutic Alliance.

    Erick Moon, Garrett Hoskins, Roger Allen. Mirror Visual Feedback Therapy for Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain: A Clinical Practice Guideline.

    Elena Liroff, Erica Schultz, Holly Roberts.  Utilization of the Progressive Return to Activity Following Acute Concussion Clinical Recommendations.