February 19, 2016, Students and Faculty made their way to Anaheim, California to present Research Data at the Combined Sections Meeting for APTA!

Faculty Research Platform Presentation:

  • Treadmill Protocols Across Ages and Stages: A Fresh Look at Dosage.
    Julia Looper, Kristie Bjornson, Katrin Mattern-Baxter, Noelle Moreau

Faculty Research Poster Presentation:

  • Normative Values for the Sensory Organization Test in the Military Population.
    Holly Roberts, Yadira Del Toro, Karen Lambert, Carrie Hoppes

Student Research Poster Presentations:

  • Arm Positioning and Walking Style of Children During First 5 Months of Independent Walking.
    Lauren Poole, Katrina Brett, Alison Gunselman, Bernadette Schrempf. Mentor: Prof. Julia Looper
  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) on The Tibialis Anterior Muscle and the Effects on Strength and Gait Mechanics on Stroke Patients: A Systematic Review.
    Katherine Chan, Rachel Milhem, Casey Hampton. Mentor: Prof. Robert Boyles
  • Nonoperative Management of Cervical Sopndylotic Myelopethy: A Systemic Reivew.
    Ian Andersson, Anna Dembek. Mentor: Prof. Robert Boyles
  • Salutogenesis: Implications for Maintaining a Psychologically Informed Physical Therapy Practice.
    Maximillian Gorchels, Thomas Molyneux-Elliot, Christina Phillips. Mentor: Prof. Danny McMillian
  • Effectiveness of Desensitization Therapy for Individuals with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A systematic review.
    Olivia Verberne, Kira Donnelly, Lauryn Helmers. Mentor: Prof. Roger Allen
  • Effectiveness of Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) on Soft Tissue Healing: A systematic review.
    Sean Field-Eaton, Neil Verberne, Kendall Gielow. Mentor: Prof. Roger Allen