DPT Research Symposium November 2, 2019

The class of 2020 research and global health projects were presented in platform and poster format with time for interactions with students and networking with peers.



2019 Fifth Annual Physical Therapy Research Symposium
Topics and Authors

Autonomic Nervous System Changes In Individuals With Chronic Pain: A Systematic Review
Cottrill, Kasey; Geiger, Zoe
Mentors: Steere, Karin; Steere, Jason

Current Trends in Pediatric Physical Therapy Practice for Children with Down Syndrome
Johnson, Beka
Mentor: Looper, Julia

Common Experiences and Beliefs Among Highly Active, Older Adults
Knapp, Alex; Post, Dominic
Mentor: McMillian, Danny

Demographics and Treatment Strategies Utilized During a Service-Learning Trip to a Medically Underserved Region: Guatemala 2019
Chang, Anna; Knapp, Alex
Mentor: Roberts, Holly

Latent Effects of Stress on Delayed Modulation of Chronic Low Back Pain: Case Series
Chang, Anna; Mooney-Myers, Catherine
Mentor: Allen, Roger

A Global Perspective On Postural-related Shoulder Pain (PRSP)
Cottrill, Kasey; Geiger, Zoe; Pinder, Kiley
Mentro: Roberts, Holly

Head-Shake Sensory Organization Test Performance in Concussed Military Service Members
Roadman, Brandon; Trapp, Daniel
Mentor: Roberts, Holly

Physical Therapy Student Perceptions of a Global Health Service Learning Experience: A Qualitative Synthesis
Childs, Cassandra; Ginnett, Marissa; Patrick, Meagan
Mentor: Roberts, Holly

The symposium begins with platform presentations of each project followed by an interactive session, in which all attendees tour poster presentations of each project, visit with the student investigators about their work, network around common interests, and discuss clinical implications.

Abstracts and complete posters from studies presented at current and previous symposia are available at this link: