Training & Development

The university underscores the importance of the continuous professional development of staff because highly skilled individuals bring innovation and creativity to problem solving in support of the university's commitment to personalized education and teaching quality. Specifically, development activities include:

  • challenging on-the-job experiences such as special projects or assignments, team participation, and cross training,
  • requesting feedback from supervisors, colleagues, and clients that identifies strengths as well as improvement needs,
  • reading and self-study,
  • learning and practicing new skills and techniques, and
  • enhancing applicable knowledge of a particular subject or concept through group activities.

Training and professional development are ongoing processes, introducing staff to new ideas, views and methodologies and providing staff with opportunities to enhance current skills not only for improved performance and productivity but also for advancement potential. It is recommended that all university staff members participate in some professional development opportunity on an annual basis. Supervisors and department heads are urged to encourage all staff members to take advantage of training opportunities and to assist staff members to select activities which will enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Training opportunities are available to university staff in a variety of ways, including on-the-job training, education benefits, Human Resources on-site programs, computing support services, National Coalition Building Institute Campus Chapter programs, professional association offerings, and the offerings of seminar vendors. The Human Resources Department is available to consult with individuals and departments regarding training needs.

Origination Date: 1996