Grizz Groundz

Grizz Groundz

Take complimentary coffee grounds for your garden this spring!

Diversions Café

Diversions Café, located on the main floor of the Wheelock Student Center, was established in the fall of 1997 and is staffed by university students in conjunction with the University of Puget Sound Dining and Conference Services. 

What's up at Diversions Café

Diversions Café is a great meeting spot for students to study or socialize over a delicious coffee. During the academic year we serve close to 1,000 cups a day! Our cafe is always buzzing with Logger activity.

In July 2015 DCS announced our new partnership with Stumptown Coffee Roasters, a Portland-based company that emphasizes single-origin coffee and a close relationship with the communities that cultivate our wonderful coffee. We are serving organic and directly traded coffees in all our locations across campus. 

Currently we are serving the following Stumptown coffee:

Holler Mountain

Stumptown’s signature organic coffee blend representing South America, Africa and Indonesia. The Diner, Cafes and Catering use this bean blend to serve our community.

 Trapper Creek Decaf

Stumptown’s sourced beans represented by the three main growing regions; Latin America, Indonesia and east Africa. Using the Swiss Water method, this is the only organic way to remove caffeine. 

Look forward to additional single origin coffees that we will be featuring throughout the year.

Additional Items

In addition to fresh brewed coffee and traditional espresso drinks, Diversions café also offers a wide selection of specialty drinks including Choice Tea, Maya Chai, cider, lemonade, and Italian sodas.  To complement a drink, the café sells Alki Bakery and local Corina Bakery pastries, in-house made Grab & Go, and Luna and Clif bars. 

Rotational Drip

Peru Timbuyacu

Diversions' current rotational drip is Peru Timbuyacu, a single origin coffee with a bright, ripe fruit flavor reminiscent of cherry cola. The producers of this coffee inherited their coffee farm from their grandmother, and now uses the farm for specialty coffee growing.  

This coffee is produced in the town of Chachapoyas, a remote, high-altitude town in the Peruvian Andes. The land is lush with orchids and sugar cane, and is a prime location for growing coffee. 

The current rotational blend in Diversions is described as having "tropical fruit flavors and a pulpy texture" that will "catch your attention" and "won't disappoint". --Stumptown Coffee

Learn more here!

Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability Efforts of the Café!

Our cafes will be featuring a Cup Karma board at the register where our customers can check off when they bring in their own cup/save a cup. Every 10th customer will be rewarded with a complimentary beverage!

In addition to cup karma, we host "Bring Your Own Cup," day on October 3rd. Last year we were able to save over 46,000 plastic/paper cups in our campus cafes. We thank everyone for supporting us in this progressive event.

Because of the success of past paperless day events, we will now be hosting BYOC for Sustainability every Friday. Our hope and intention is to help our community think about their daily habits and choose to reuse!