Other Leadership Opportunities

There are many volunteer, scholarship, and staff opportunities for student leadership through the Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement. The educational events, programs, and activities hosted in collaboration with spiritual/religious life, in particular, allow for leadership development in areas self awareness, ethical reflection, spiritual exploration, religious practice, service and faith, protest rights, and post college discernment.

In addition to helping lead a club or serving as an Interfaith Coordinator, there are several ways students can get involved in religious/spiritual life on campus.  These can include:

  • Assisting with one of our occasional Christian life services
  • Getting involved with our weekly Shabbat services
  • Volunteering to help plan a CICE event
  • Hosting or co-hosting an event in collaboration with CICE
  • Talking with our staff about bringing a guest speaker to campus
  • Participating in club-based events on or off campus
  • Organizing a drive, a service opportunity, or an awareness program
  • Exploring leadership in a student-organized club or organization

Please contact us to learn more, share your idea, or simply introduce yourself and say hello.