• Step 1: Staff should navigate to their “Staff Homepage” in myPugetSound and click on the “Student of Concern Reporting” button listed underneath “Facilities and Dining”, as seen in the screenshot below.

Screen capture of the Staff Homepage in myPugetSound

  • Step 2: Click the “Student of Concern Reporting” button on the left hand side. This will take you to the “Student of Concern Referral Form”, which is hosted through the Maxient website (with whom the university has a vendor contract). 
    • The CARE team recommends that you click on “Enable additional features by logging in”, listed above the entry field for “Your full name”. This will prompt you to go through the Okta verification process (if you have not already done so that day). See screenshot below. 
    • Student of Concern Referral Form screen capture

  • Step 3: After authenticating as a Puget Sound employee, please fill out the intake form with the information you have, noting that certain fields are required for submission. The first required field being “Nature of this report”, which asks you to identify the primary concern related to your report: academic in nature OR a behavioral, health, and/or emotional concern. The team asks you to sort it into primarily one concern category or the other for initial routing purposes. 
    • The former routes the referral to the Academic Advising Office.
    • The latter routes the referral to the Center for Student Support. 
  • Step 4: Please list any involved students, starting with the Student(s) of Concern. Any faculty/staff or student who may be a witness to the issues of concern can also be identified (as that can help a CARE team member reach out to a campus member who may have additional insight). As you search for a campus member, the team recommends that you utilize the People Finder feature (shown below) by clicking the binoculars button and then entering what information you have for the campus member (including first/last name, and/or SID). 
    • You can list multiple campus members, particularly if the nature of the concern applies to multiple students in a particular group (e.g. each student listed from one class did not pass a major exam, midterm, or attend a required event).

People Finder screen capture

  • Step 5: Complete all other fields for which you have information, and include any attachments that may be pertinent (e.g. screenshots, supporting documents, etc.). 

If you have any questions or are uncertain about what to include in the report, you can contact Eric Hetland, Landon Wade, and/or studentsupport@pugetsound.edu for more guidance.