The Office of University Counsel supports the university and its senior leadership in the work to advance Puget Sound’s distinctive educational mission and strategic goals by anticipating legal and governance issues, managing risk, and facilitating the university’s compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

In performing this work, members of the Office of University Counsel:

  • Provides legal advice and referrals to other areas of university administration as needed, and partners with leadership, faculty, and staff on policy advice and management, and is responsible for establishing, approving, and overseeing relationships with outside counsel. 
  • Oversees the university’s contracts process, including providing training and support for individuals with delegated authority to enter into agreements on behalf of the university. 
  • Oversees enterprise risk management functions for the university.  Activities in compliance and risk management are designed to identify, report, and/or assist the university in addressing strategic, operational, and compliance risks across the enterprise and identifying, assessing, and mitigating risk at the enterprise level.
  • Supports the work of the President’s Office and the Board of Trustees on governance issues, and the Vice President and University Counsel serves as the Secretary to the Board of Trustees.
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Our mission is to serve the university as a strategic partner and legal advisor by collaborating with our campus colleagues to advance the university’s mission of excellence.

Governance & Board Support
  • Compliance
  • Secretary to the Board of Trustees
  • Contract Authority
  • Contract Filing
  • Contract Review
  • Process Oversight
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  • Heat Maps
  • Policy & Framework
  • Risk Event Assessments
  • Risk Register